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Mixed media installation, 

Oil paintings & textile sculptures (dyed with apple branches, quince branches, rosemary, onion skins, avocado shells, walnut shells, yarrow & tansy).


Birgitte Flarup & Marie Flarup Kristensen

Demeter loses Persephone to the underworld & then lets all crops die. The pumpkins are rotten. Grain dries out. Nothing will grow & therefore nothing can be harvested. Unhappily she wanders through the world. With every step she leaves behind her withered yarrows and dead marigolds. People are starving in the grief of Demeter. Everything is soaked in the sweet scent of motherly care.

With this exhibition, a mother & a daughter opens the doors to an installation that both explores the myth surrounding their mutual relationship & at the same time connecting this myth to the surrounding nature of the house in which they have spent their lives together. Rosemary grows in the garden, onions, Ingrid Marie apples & big fat quinces. Møddingen is a theater that shows the comedy about a mother & a daughter who have grown apart, but are nevertheless connected by the piercing thicket of thorny blackberry branches.

Birgitte Flarup has made oil paintings for the exhibition & Marie Flarup Kristensen has made textile sculptures and curtains.

Exhibition view Toldboden, Kerteminde Kunstforening, Kerteminde, 2024

Photo: Marie Flarup Kristensen

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