Wanda & Hilda

hate Nature


Wanda & Hilda - hate Nature, 2021

HD video 7 minutes 24 seconds

With Frederikke Krebs Bahn & Marie Flarup Kristensen

Inside the apartment live Wanda and Hilda.
One day Wanda gets up her bed and says:

In the hunter-gather society I don’t feel very comfortable.

We are both raised with a certain need of entertainment and I personally don’t understand the effort of hard labor. Said Hilda.
We mostly just want a good time and not go out hunting wild boar. Nor do we want to help with the babysitting of the youngest. Said Wanda.
We are insufficient members of the tripe. Said Hilda.
I hate nature. Said Wanda.
We are super disappointing. Said Hilda.